Suitable for beginners because Bathalegala is an easy hike.

How to get Bathalegala

First you have to come to the Mawanella bus stand. Then you have to take the Aranayaka bus to Gewilipitiya. Then you have to take another bus – Debathgama bus. Get off from the bus on the way to Bathalegala. If you don’t know the place, ask from the conductor & he will guide you.

There are direct buses to Debathgama from Mawanella. There is a concrete road for the bottom of the mountain. There is also a board which confirms it’s the way to Bathalegala. Walk about 2.5km. Then you will reach the bottom of the mountain. You can see nature trails in the forest. Go through it. You can easily reach the top.

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  • viewing from bathalegala peak
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On the top of Bathalegala

As I mentioned before it’s a very easy hike & you don’t need a guide. The upper view is so beautiful and amazing. You can see Alagalla mountain range, Dolosbage mountain range, Ambuluwawa, Aranayaka area & Mawanella area from the top. You can find two ends on the top, north end and south end.

From the north end you can see Dolosbage mountain range, Ambuluwawa, Mawanella area & Alagalla mountain range. From the south end you can see Uragala mountain, Aranayake and Hettimulla area. If you look carefully you may find the land slided areas of Samasarakanda. There’s a small temple also. There are two small caves near the temple.

There is another way which is going through the forest from the top to Gewilipitiya town. If you are a beginner don’t use it because it is a little bit tough rather than the other way.

Great experience for your day today busy life. Come here, enjoy the environment. Feel the natural beauty. Don’t ruin it. Don’t throw garbage. Don’t disturb the balance of nature.


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