Haritha Kanda

Haritha Kanda

Haritha Kanda, also known as ”Green Mountain”, is a hiking & camping area which is situated between Agarapathana and Bopaththalawa plains in the central highlands. This area is also known as "Little New Zealand”. Great hiking experience and it may be a little bit tough for beginners.

How to arrive at Haritha Kanda

First of all, you have to come to Hatton town. There are buses from Colombo to Hatton. Then you have to catch the Bogawantalawa bus from the Hatton bus stand. Get off the bus at the Bogawantalawa bus stand.

Then you have to hire a three-wheel for the pathway to Bopaththalawa – Haritha Kanda. There’s a very kind three-wheel driver at the three-wheel park. His name is Ragu & 0766401706 is his telephone number. Contact him. He will help you.

After you get off from the three-wheel you have to start your hike. There’s a water source where you get off from the three-wheeler but the three-wheel driver told us that it is not safe to drink water from that since some people have made a sanitary pipeline into the waterway. So don’t drink water from here. The trail to the Haritha Kanda is via tea estates.

First, the trail is divided into two ways. Go through the left way. Again it is divided into two ways. Choose the left. If you are confused about the trails ask from the estate workers. They will show you the way. They are very kind people.

Then the trail is clear. When you have walked for some distance you are able to see the mountain range. Target the peak and ascend through the trail. Finally, you will reach the bottom of the Haritha Kanda.

There’re 3 camping sites in Haritha Kanda and there’s a water source here. And also you’ll see the trail is continuing. You can camp here or you can go through the trail furthermore. On your left side, there’s a marshland. The western border of the Horton Plains is on your right side. Go through the trail continuously.

You will be able to see a line of pinus trees in a plain area above the marshland. It is another place for camping. At the end of the trail, there are two ways. Left one is for the camping site and the right one is for the Manik Palama Farm.

When you go through the left one you will see a small bridge. There’s a good water source but a villager said that it overflows the bridge on rainy days. So it is difficult to go through that & it is dangerous. So not advised to go on rainy days.

If you are going immediately after the rainy season the scenery is so beautiful and there’re clean & cold water sources. But if you are going in the dry season you are advised to carry enough drinking water with you.

There is a farm known as "Manik Palama farm” which is situated around 1 km distance from the camping site. You can buy fresh cow milk from the farm and it will definitely be a delicious experience. At night and in early morning the environment is very cold. Don’t hike alone. There are Sri Lankan sambar deers & leopards in this area.

Great experience for your day-to-day busy life. Come here, enjoy the environment. Feel the natural beauty. Don’t ruin it. Don’t throw garbage. Don’t disturb the balance of nature.