Mirissa Beach

Mirissa Beach

Mirissa is in the Southern Province. On the road from Galle to Matara.

There are several ways to go to Mirissa. If you are traveling from Colombo, take a train to Weligama. There is a train to Weligama, from Colombo Fort at 6.30 am. Come to the Fort at 6.15 am. If you come early you can stay in Mirissa most of the time. Reach Weligama and take a bus to Mirissa. If you go on a bus on the Expressway, you can get off Galle and take a bus to Matara.

When you go back to Colombo, you can take a bus on the normal route or take a bus on the expressway from Galle or Matara.

There are shops at Weligama and Mirissa. Drinks and food can be bought. You can walk to Coconut tree hill just a short distance from Mirissa Beach. Get off the next bus stop, without getting off the bus Mirissa Beach and get to Coconut tree hill easily. From there you can get beautiful photos.

You can bathe in the sea of ​​Mirissa. A short distance from Mirissa, there is a secret beach. It’s hard to bathe. Getting hurt by stones and Sea urchins.