Uragala Mountain

Uragala Mountain

Uragala is situated in the Hanthana mountain range. It is the highest peak of the Hanthana mountain range. Tough hike for beginners.

How to arrive at Uragala Mountain

First, you have to come to Galaha Junction. There are two ways to Uragala. One is via Uda Peradeniya. The other one is via Sarasawigama. I think the Sarasawigama route is easier than the other one.

If you go via Sarasawigama, you have to catch the Sarasawigama bus from Galaha Junction. You can catch the bus near Kandy Market also but there are only a few buses available. Come early as possible to Galaha Junction.

If you are not able to catch a Sarasawigama bus you can catch a Mahakanda bus. Get off at Mahakanda and then you have to hire a three-wheeler to Sarasawigama. Delthota buses also go via the Mahakanda. Nearly there’s 3km from Mahakanda to Sarasawigama. Get off the bus at Sarasawigama.

Then there’s the way to the "No. 02 shanty houses complex”. Go through it. It goes via tea estates and vegetable crops. Or ask someone for the way to Uragala. Nearly there’s 3 km from Sarasawigama to the No. 02 shanty houses complex.

You can go on foot or on a three-wheeler. After going about 1.3 km there is a Hindu Kovil. The evening last bus is at 4.00 pm from Sarasawigama to Galaha Junction. There’s a path for the Uragala Trail from the shanty houses complex. Walk for the trail. Or you can ask for the way to Uragala from someone in the shanty houses complex.

The last water source on your way is situated here. There’re no other sources of water on your way. So it is advised to fill your water bottles from here. Sometimes the trail for the Uragala is disappeared. So you have to look carefully for the trail and ascend.

If you are an experienced explorer, you can go through the trail but if you are a beginner it will be tough because many other trails are joined to the main trail. By the way, the trail is marked with red/white color marks & arrows in some places but not always. It’s better to hire a guide if you are a beginner.

Sometimes you have to go through rocky areas. Sometimes the trail is via a grove. A knife is very useful for it. You are advised to carry a sharp knife and strong rope with you. From this route you will be able to go first to Uragala & next you will be able to get to the Katusukonda.

You are strongly advised not to go on rainy days because due to heavy rain and heavy mist, you can easily get lost. And due to rain rocks will be very slippery. Don’t hike alone. There’re bulls & leopards in this area. At the top of the Uragala, there is a trail via the Uda Peradeniya route.

The other way is via Uda Peradeniya. You have to catch the Uda Peradeniya bus from Galaha Junction. Get off the bus on the way to the Hanthana mountain range. There is a Kovil at the place you are getting down from the bus. (Sri Selva Vinayagar Sri Muththumari Amman Kovil) Pass the Kovil and go through the Hanthana mountain range. You have to reach the last lodge on the way.

It is nearly 3 km from the Kovil to the last lodge. Sometimes there is a security officer in the lodge and he may question you. On your way to the last lodge, there is another security spot nearly 1km from the Kovil. At the last lodge turn left and go through the trail. You’ll arrive in a pinus forest.

Beware of bulls & leopards. If you have an emergency there’re contact numbers shown to contact authorities. Go through the Pinus forest. There’s a mountain-wind gap. You’ll reach a tea estate. It is also known as ”CP 02 – CheckPoint 02”

At the bottom of the tea estate, there is the way to the Hanthana mountain range. At the top of the tea estate, there’re two trails. The left side is for the Hanthana mountain range. You have to go through that. When you are walking around 50 m the trail is divided into two trails.

Both trails join together at the end. After the joining, the trail is again divided into two trails. The left side is for the Hanthana mountain range and the right side is for the Uragala.

This way is a little bit harder than the other because there are so many unclear sites on your way and sometimes the trail will disappear. So I recommend you use the Sarasawigama route for your hike.

Great experience for your day-to-day busy life. Come here, enjoy the environment. Feel the natural beauty. Don’t ruin it. Don’t throw garbage. Don’t disturb the balance of nature.